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UK Phone: 0808-1453738

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Applying for Therapy

Applying for Therapy – Brief Steps

  1. You contact us for information, telling us your needs and goals;
  2. We gather general information about your history and present condition;
  3. Based on that information, we advise you if and how therapy may assist you;
  4. If you appear to be an appropriate candidate, we can hold a place on the schedule for you, within certain parameters;
  5. You complete our Comprehensive Medical History Form;
  6. You may tentatively schedule at any clinic location by placing a deposit;
  7. If we have concerns, we may require physician clearance;
  8. Once you receive our final clearance, you can make your travel arrangements;
  9. Before therapy starts, you complete remaining chart forms, and pay your balance.

Our therapy has been shown to save lives, give life and return quality of life to many people.
Our application and screening process gives you the best opportunity for great results.

Applying for Therapy – Detailed Steps

Step by step guide and timetable – from application to attending therapy

Note: The time required to book therapy with Clear Passage can vary, depending on your history and condition. Know that we want to help you and give you realistic expectations, and we don’t want to schedule you if therapy is contraindicated.

You contact Clear Passage headquarters via our website form, or by phone:
  • our website form
  • email to info@clearpassage.com, or
  • by phone:
    • 1-352-336-1433 from anywhere in the world
    • 0808-145-3738 toll-free from the United Kingdom
We can hold a place on the schedule for you under either of these conditions:
  • You have completed our Medical History Form, have been found appropriate for therapy and you place a deposit to reserve the date and location you prefer.


  • Within 48 hours, you complete and return our

- Medical History Form

30-45 minutes
You complete our Comprehensive Medical History Form (MHF): 
Within 2-3 days of receipt
We review your form, and get back with you by phone or email: 
  • to advise you of our findings:

- Initial Acceptance: we feel we can help you pending receipt and review of your complete medical records from the last 18 months;

- Qualified Acceptance: we see potential contraindications to therapy; we need more information, and/or a physician clearance letter;

- Denial: therapy has been determined inappropriate for you at this time.


  • to offer to schedule a telephone consultation with one of our professionals (no charge);


  • to explain why we have to decline or delay treating you.
Scheduling therapy

If you receive an Initial or Qualified Acceptance, our Patient Resources team will advise you of scheduling opportunities. They will:

  • work to schedule your preferred location and dates;
  • tell you about that clinic;
  • discuss any state referral laws with you;
  • collect a non-refundable deposit to secure your location and dates;
  • promptly send you welcome information for your location via email, including:
    – a Patient Companion book specific to the location you have chosen with maps and directions;
    – your daily schedule (if scheduling in outlying clinic);
    – your deposit receipt and balance due date;
    – due date for chart forms including a Medical Records Release (we will request full medical records from your physicians),

                           We will request your records immediately; response time depends on others.

Final Acceptance

After we review your full medical records, we will advise EITHER:

  • We need to speak with you to discuss additional requirements needed prior to your treatment, such as:

- additional testing or medical records, or

- physician clearance

  • You are cleared for treatment – Now you can arrange your time-off and travel arrangements!