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Bowel Obstruction

bowel obstruction patient testimonial

Here’s what patients are saying about Clear Passage:

Session after session, day after day…my body was slowly and methodically worked on. As each hour passed, my body was loosening up and moving with less effort, and with less and less pain. I slowly began to eat soft foods and soups…no problem! My system was working just fine! On my fourth day of treatment, my 50th birthday, I enjoyed baked salmon and mashed potatoes! It was the best meal of my life!

I have shocked my surgeon! He wanted to know what was done and how it was done. He had tears in his eyes and was so happy for me. He truly did not want to cut into me again. My husband is just so happy to see me out of pain and to have his wife back. I am bouncing off the walls with energy and gratefulness. I truly feel like I had a full body renovation from the tip of my toes to the top of my head.

– Reese

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By the time I found Clear Passage, my health was plummeting. At my initial evaluation, my therapist told me there was very little mobility in my abdominal organs. She was also concerned that I was becoming adhered in the muscles and support structures on the front of my body.

I attended treatment and found that my pain reduced markedly. I stopped experiencing pain in my bowels, neck, and back. Things in life that most people take for granted, but that had been denied to me for so long, slowly began to return. I can still remember the first day I was finally able to have a bowel movement without pain or laxatives, and the first time I was finally able to eat without pain. It was amazing.

- Ginny

Halfway through the week, I ate breakfast and I didn’t get sick afterwards. I had lunch later and I didn’t get sick either. I can’t tell you how unusual that was — I virtually always got sick after eating when I had a blockage. I couldn’t believe they had broken down the adhesions that had caused my blockage, but there it was —– I could feel the results in my body!

By the end of treatment, it just felt like everything was the way it should be. Before CPT, the tightness in my abdomen pulled so much that sometimes I felt like I was being pulled over. After therapy, I could stand straight and everything felt looser.

– Teena

I really don’t feel capable of adequately expressing my admiration and gratitude for Clear Passage. From every aspect, Clear Passage fulfills it’s mission of care, compassion and sucessful treatment beyond any of my hopes. Without exception, the wonderful people who staff this beautiful relaxed environment encourage trust and confidence. I would hope that all those faced with a disorder treated at Clear Passage could be aware and avail themselves of the amazing restorative experience I did. My life has been returned to me.

- Lea

Clear Passage Bowel Obstruction Reviews