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infertility treatment testimonial

Here’s what patients are saying about Clear Passage:

Over a period of five days, the therapy I received has given me more hope than the last four years of other fertility treatments. You have made more sense of my condition than any physician has in the past. You questioned “why” and did not answer with medications that only mask the problem and do not heal. Instead, you healed me naturally and showed me compassion and interest during a very emotional and trying time in my life. I wish all of you much success and happiness in all of your endeavors.


pregnancies after clear passage infertility treatment

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I just want to thank you so much for the hands-on therapy that you gave me. I left there feeling better than I had in months. My husband and I decided to start trying to conceive thinking it may take a while to get pregnant. Well low and behold that the first time we tried we succeeded.

I am now 7 weeks pregnant and I’ll keep you posted during the pregnancy and delivery. So far I am feeling pretty good, just tired. I have also told many people about Clear Passage and hope they will look into it further. You are all a blessing.

– Layne

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My treatment at CPT was successful – I am officially 10 weeks pregnant! I can’t stop sobbing as I am writing this to you! We tried for what seemed like so long to conceive (over 6 years). I had really begun to lose hope before I found your clinic. I just cannot believe it sometimes! I already had an ultrasound and was able to see the heart beat. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! I know that this little miracle would have never occurred if it wasn’t for all of your work. Thank you thank you thank you thank you and thank you! You are all angels to me. Much love and gratitude.

– Lindsey

Loving every minute of the new baby! I am so thankful for my treatment — quality of life has improved drastically and fears have been much reduced since my last treatment! Your treatment proved so beneficial, my doctors were so impressed that I became pregnant and told me that I looked great on the inside!

– Jessica

You succeeded in breaking up adhesions that blocked my tubes and in such a short amount of time. The tests confirm this and I was even able to achieve a pregnancy all because of your remarkable work.

– Chandra

Clear Passage was exactly the alternative I was looking for as I did not want to take fertility drugs. My body was telling me my problem was with adhesions and I had no faith that Clomid and other drugs would work. I am now pregnant and expecting a baby after treatment!

– Lisa

I really believe that my treatment sessions improved my hormonal function. Prior to my treatment, ovulation was a one-day burst. After treatment, I had a gradual rise in estrogen which is consistent with healthy hormonal balance.

– Alexis

I thought you might like to know that my FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) level came down from 12.6 (before I went to you) to 8.1 (after therapy with you). This brings my hormone levels from “unacceptably high” to within a “normal” range. As you know, a high FSH is a sign of diminished ovarian reserve. The FSH levels can fluctuate slightly, but I did not expect that it would go down given my age. I certainly think that CPT helped.

– Sylvie

My husband and I had one child and had been trying for nearly 2 years when we found Clear Passage. I was having many pre-menopausal symptoms (hot flashes, nightmares, night sweats, black menstrual bleed, fatigue and pain during ovulation, menstruation and intercourse. After my treatment I began seeing an acupuncturist and nutritionist to supplement my treatments. I became pregnant within 6 months of my treatment. And, am now pregnant with my third post treatment baby!

– Olivia

I feel 100% better than I did before your therapy. Anyone who has gone through extensive fertility treatments can appreciate the wonderful environment you provide at Clear Passage. After going through your program I don’t know how anyone can go through fertility treatments without first getting their body as close to 100% as possible.

– Hailey

My IVF following therapy was successful. I am very excited and I thank you guys very much!!!

– Isabelle

I believe that my treatment at CPT made a difference in my transfer. I think it made it easier. The first time (prior to my treatment) my ovaries were too big and it made it difficult. This time I had a much easier time.

– Lucy

I just want to thank you for your care and concern over the past week. I feel stronger and healthier and ready to get back into shape. Regardless of what happens with my next IVF I know this has been a worthwhile and educational experience.

– Mary