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Our Story

Our Story

The Beginning

Belinda Wurn, PT

Belinda Wurn, PT

In 1984, I learned that I had cancer of the cervix. Following the diagnosis, I had surgery to my cervix and eight weeks of intensive internal and external radiation therapy. I survived the cancer, but the treatments designed to heal me left my lower abdomen, pelvis, and lower back scarred. All of my pelvic organs had become adhered to neighboring tissues and structures causing a ‘frozen pelvis,’ or lack of normal mobility in the pelvis. I was also experiencing significant pain. When my lifelong friend and husband, massage therapist Larry Wurn, found that conventional medicine offered little relief, we began to search for an alternative to surgery and drugs. Together, we began searching for relief by studying with physicians and physical therapists throughout the U.S. and abroad and taking post-graduate courses in manual physical therapy techniques. As the first faint glimmer of hope dawned in my pain relief, our curiosity turned into a passion. The more we learned, the more fascinated we became. Soon we began developing our own techniques for treating chronic pain and other pelvic pain conditions.

We developed and refined our ability to palpate restricted areas in the body, leading to the creation of the Wurn Technique® — a protocol of 200 manual techniques. The positive results of this therapy that we have seen in me and our patients turned our quest into a lifetime journey. Clear Passage was born when we discovered that we could open blocked fallopian tubes without drugs or surgery.

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In 1990, we were treating a patient for back and pelvic pain. She was quite surprised to become pregnant during therapy. She said to us, “How can I be pregnant? Both of my fallopian tubes have been blocked for seven years! I have been sexually active all that time and I never used birth control. I didn’t have to. This pregnancy was totally unexpected. It’s really a miracle!” A physician friend heard about this case and referred two other infertile women to us. These women had “unexplained” infertility. When we treated them, they became pregnant as well. Both of the women went on to have easy, successful live births. Then the physician said to us, “My wife has been infertile for 12 years. She only has one tube and it is fully blocked. She has a history of severe endometriosis, multiple ovarian cysts and adhesions. She has had several invasive surgeries to try to ease her pain and help her conceive. Due to her only tube being blocked and her extensive scarring, her physicians gave up on her fertility many years ago. And, now, at 41 years of age, she is practically menopausal. Do you think you can help her?”

We agreed to try to help her. She and her husband were elated when she became pregnant after several of our non-surgical treatments. Nine months later, she gave birth naturally to a beautiful little girl. By then, our interest was highly piqued and we began to investigate further. So began a quest to naturally restore fertility without surgery or drugs. Clear Passage was born.

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At the urging of a local gynecologist researcher, we decided to conduct clinical research to measure the effectiveness of our work in opening blocked fallopian tubes. We consulted the Chief of Staff of our local hospital, a gynecologist with significant research experience. She proposed a clinical trial in which we would treat a woman whose tubes were scientifically proven to be fully blocked. Following therapy, she would undergo dye tests to see the results.

Founders Larry and Belinda Wurn

The physician referred her most complicated patient to us for treatment. The patient had undergone an HSG (dye test), laparoscopy and laparotomy (open surgery) in an attempt to open her fallopian tubes. Nothing had worked. Her pelvis was so adhered with scar tissue that she was diagnosed with ‘frozen pelvis’. Her reproductive organs were ‘stuck together’ and both of her tubes were fully blocked. The results showed that we opened one tube completely and the dye moved measurably further through the other tube.

This case study was remarkable. It was our first scientific proof that our manual therapy could detach adhesions and open blocked fallopian tubes – without surgery! The next week, we found ourselves hiring a professional researcher from the largest and most prestigious research organization in the world, the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, Maryland. He was excited at the opportunity to work on such pioneering research.

Eventually, that researcher left NIH to work with us fulltime. Since then, we have been fortunate to have other physicians and PhD researchers join our team.

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