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adhesions bookNew Adhesions Book Published

Written by the founders of Clear Passage, this book will provide you with an excellent overview and understanding of the internal scars called adhesions.

Invisible to most diagnostic tests, your doctor can miss or disregard adhesions as a cause of your problems. After a lifetime of studying these commonly overlooked but powerful internal bonds, the authors explore how adhesions cause or worsen major health problems including chronic pain, female infertility, and life-threatening bowel obstructions. They also discuss available treatment options.

You need to read this book if:

  • You have chronic pain;
  • You have been told to live with the pain;
  • You are a woman diagnosed with infertility;
  • You or a loved one suffers bowel obstructions;
  • You are considering surgery to find out what’s wrong;
  • You have seen several doctors, but still have no answer;
  • Your doctor said, “It’s all in your head,” but you know it’s not.

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Educational Adhesion Related Disorder Videos

Clear Passage co-founder, Larry Wurn, explains how various conditions are caused by adhesions and how to treat them. Below are three of our new condition videos. Click here to view all of our videos.

natural treatment for blocked fallopian tubes treatment for bowel obstructions caused by adhesions treating chronic pain caused by adhesions


What Patients are Saying

“After a lot of research, I found Clear Passage and decided to give them a call. I spoke with a very kind woman named Autumn. From the first conversation she simply listened to me and my long infertility story. She told me I would make a great candidate, so I took a leap of faith and scheduled the treatment!


My husband and I flew from Maine to Gainesville, Florida and stayed for a week, completing 20 hours of treatment. This week did not feel like a week of medical treatment but instead felt like a relaxing/healing vacation. After the first day of treatment I went for a walk and felt my stomach moving more freely as I swung my arms. I guess I never realized how bad the adhesions from a past surgery had stuck everything together.


From that day I began to notice very big improvements in my attitude, mood and energy level as well! Halfway through treatment I woke up one morning on my stomach and realized I hadn’t slept on my stomach for over 3 years after my surgery! I have been waking up every morning on my stomach following treatment! I just returned to my yoga class for the first time following treatment and was able to transition into certain yoga poses that before felt like my stomach muscles were pulling in different directions so I would have to stop.


Every day that passes after the treatment I feel more and more healed. I feel like the young and healthy person I use to be! I will never forget the kindness that all these beautiful kind women showed to me and my husband. My husband and I consider these women family and believe they are also invested in our journey to becoming parents! God has truly given these women the gift of healing and I am so grateful to have been there patient!


Upcoming Chronic Pain Summit

Starting on May 30th through June 3rd, there will be an online chronic pain summit that features over 40 different pain professionals. Clear Passage has had the opportunity to be featured on day 3 of the summit and our video will be live for 24 hours for free. You can view the summit at the following webpage: http://healingchronicpainsummit.com/

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